Knitting update

Yes, I have been knitting!! This is a scarf I just started, on size 3 needles. The yarn is from Knit Picks...it's Sock Garden in Daffodil. I'm not a sock knitter (yet), so since I love the colors I use the sock yarn for scarfs. This is a spider web pattern, which I hope to someday use (in thinner yarn) for a shawl.

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This is a close-up of the scarf I made for Evelyn. The photo is showing it sideways! I found this pattern in a small Dell booklet made in 1972! Very simple, but pretty in this Lorna Lace's wool yarn.
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Evelyn also has a hat in this yarn.

And this is the yarn I got for Beaverslide! 7 soft skeins in a green called Meadow. I had a problem with one skein, wrote to Leanne about it, and got a personal response within a day!! I highly recommend Beaverslide.....great yarn, great prices and most of all, great service!

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I plan to use this yarn for an afghan for us. I normally make them for charity and friends, but Gary chose this color, so it stays with us!

Also, secret pal 6 is in the works, and I've signed up already. I had so much fun with SP5....both receiving and giving, mostly in the giving. It's like having a birthday without getting older!

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laurie said...

That green is GORGEOUS!

I'm not a sock knitter either. Although I am thinking of becoming a mitten knitter. Why isn't there a cult following for mittens like there is for socks? eh?

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