The purple afghan

I tried to put this in another post, but it wouldn't work. Anyway, this is the baby afghan I made for Becky's co-worker. The lady had a baby, and this is for the baby. Becky okayed the bright purple, so don't blame me. It's not a "normal" baby color, but I think it turned out fine.
I also got another 2 hats done today, one grey, one bright pink. I'll have to take a photo of them when I get a couple dozen done....check back in a few months!


Brianna said...

Very nice!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Nothing wrong with purple in a baby blanket - especially when the parents request it!

I did a mitered squares blanket recently that prominently features the same hue!


Shannon said...

Hey I think the baby blanket is GREAT. who wants "traditional" colours these days anyhow!!! Thanks for linking to me, I have returned the favor. Keep on stitching!!!

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