Cute Cat Contest

Of course I have to put Polly in this contest. She's too cute to be ignored! Polly is a polydactyl, and her paws are huge!! Her full name is Princess Polly Fluffernutter, but she also goes by Large Marge, Stinkerbelle,The Princess, and plain old Polly. She's been with me since the second she was born, and I'm her slave. She's been known to talk ( one night Gary and I were trying to fall asleep when we heard someone talking in a foreign language in our hall. It frightened both of us since we were the only ones home. It sounded like a 3 year-old kid, but it turned out to be Polly, right before expelling a furball).

Here she is atop her file box. Polly likes to keep an eye on the other cats. She thinks she can fit on top of the box.

Here is where you can find information about the contest,
“The Knitting Fiend’s Cute Cat Contest, 2005″ and this is where ya go to do your voting.
“The Knitting Fiend’s Cute Cat Contest, 2005″ Voting Ballot

Polly thanks you for your time!!!


Brianna said...

I don't see any picture showing up...?

laurie said...

Polly is adorable! I love that she has many toes and likes to keep an eye on her minions. Cats are the best. *sigh* I wish I were at home with all the furballs right now.

You and Brianna come to SNB tonight! 3rd & Fairfax, Farmer's Market, 7 p.m.! Me? Stalk much?

laurie said...

Also, I hit the enter key too fast.

OK, so I know it's hard for you to come to SNB from someplace like... dakota? Is that another country? hah hah. Just kidding! I haven't been there but I have been assured it really is a place. Where they grow... DaKorn?

I have had too much green tea today, sorry.

When are you coming back to CA? To SNB? Hello? Anytime soon? We have cake here. And nice people. And yarn. Hi!

Brianna said...

still not seeing the pictures....and I'm using a different computer. Ugh! Send to my email address. This is so annoying...

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