To anyone that stops by

Please leave a message now and then to let me know who you are! Also let me know if you really like a card you see. Are you on Postcrossing, too? if not, and you enjoy postcards consider signing up! POSTCROSSING.COM.


DaisyDeadhead said...

Its me! your ex penpal from bygone days! I always check blogs, even more than Facebook. I'm old school!

Trix said...

Hi Karen,

Yes, I´m on Postcrossing too (Trios)!
That's why I ended up on your Blog! ;-)
I hoped to find here since when you changed the account over to your grandson Trey and if the cards you show here are for him or perhaps for yourself too, because you also have an account of your own.
Perhaps you mentioned it when first starting the blog or when you turned over the account, but I can find such a message nowhere.

Happy Postcrossig!

greetings, Trix Oskam - Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

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