Shopping fun!

Had to go out shopping today......needed to find some things for my secret pal. Figured we'd go to the mall, check out some stores. I was with Gary, so we didn't hit too many stores. But somewhere in Target I got the idea that I really needed to get crayons....you know, the wonderful box of 64 from Crayola. We wandered around Target, didn't find anything for my Secret Pal, but I found a Dick & Jane book for Evelyn (she'll like it in about 3 years), and a cute little outfit for her. Then we decided to go get the crayons, then go to Toys R Us for coloring books.

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Gary got Star Wars, and I got Care Bears and the Dick & Jane books. Not much to choose from, but I really like the D & J book. We also got giant Pixie Stix. And if anyone comes across any cool coloring books, let me know!

Tonight I had an hour hell session on the phone with AOL people. Had to do with billing and how our account is set up. I'm too tired and stressed out to go into great detail about it, bit I finally got someone who could help me, and did so in an 8 minute call. Before him, I went from tech help to billing help, back to tech, back to billing. Each time explaining the problem to someone that barely spoke english. To help my head so it wouldn't explode I colored a couple Care Bear pictures. Ended up getting a few free months of service, and someone to contact if I ever have more trouble.

Oh....Brianna? I keep forgetting to tell you that eggs here average 50 cents a dozen for the large ones, not $2.50 like in Studio City!!


Brianna said...

Wow, 50 cents for a dozen eggs!?! That is good. How much is milk?

Sara said...

OMG, Karyn! That is my biggest pet peeve, why can't we speak to English speakers when we call customer support?!
Of course, I got a cosmic bite in the bum last time I complained about this. The next Customer service person I spoke to had the thickest British accent i've ever heard. I did ask for a native English speaker!

The D&J coloring book looks awesome! One of my "mutant talents" that I use in the class room is students show me a crayon w/o telling me the color. I can usually tell them. Hey, it impresses first graders.

La Bona said...

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Rachel said...

50 cents for a dozen eggs?! Hmph...I didn't think things over on the east side of SD were all that different from OH! I just thought I would share that my mom recently sent me a Tom & Jerry coloring book. I'm supposed to send her a picture I've colored (whenever I get off my duff & do so!).

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