the weekend update

brianna is demanding a new post, so this is for her!

let's see.....worked on saturday as usual, but gary stayed home to do their yardsale. he was also suppose to start cleaning out his room, but i think he ended up with a bigger mess. hope he takes photos! i was lonely on saturday night, and kept wishing a yard store was open 24 hours a day! gary came over on sunday morning, and after sorting thru some of my stuff and packing a box and watching a video we went out to run our errands. had to return an item at staples, then wanted to see if michael's had size 3 needles. i even had my 40% off coupon with me! the smallest they had was 5, and they didn't have the cotton-ease yarn i was looking for, so we went to unwind on hollywood way to get the needle. i knew they'd have small ones! got size 3 and 1 in bamboo, and 4 skeins of cashsoft yarn...i think it's made by classic yarns or RY (both names are on the label, and i'm not sure which is the company name). got 2 colors, lavender and a fuschia/dark pink. so soft!! also picked up a counter so i can keep track of rows.

last night i finished the pink blanket for evelyn. now i just have to weave in the tails. i started making the shorts for her since i believe i have the right gauge. the little top is annoying me! seems like it'll be fitting her when she's 5!! so i'm not going further with it till i can hold it up against her and see how it looks.

i think i may start asking some of my customers if i can use them for references on job applications. i doubt anyone will call them, but it would be nice to have at least 5 i could put down.

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