Postcards, part 2, Sunday 11/19

 Dauschund, from Germany.

 From Czech Republic.

 From US.

 From Germany.

 From Czech Republic.

 A card to color, from US.

 Cat card, from Germany.

 Multiview card, from Germany.

 Card full of stamps (that's the printed design), from Belarus.

 Chihuahua, from Belarus.

 Moscow Metro, from Russia.

 Piggy doing a cannonball, from Germany.

 Cute owls, from Belarus.

 Toy Story card, from US.

My favorite in this post, from US. I love Majolica Pottery!.

Postcards, Sunday 11/19

 From Czech Republic, Dancing Building.

 From Taiwan.

 Cute picture, from Finland.

 From Netherlands.

 Palace of the Govenors, NM. From my sister.

 From Russia.

 Moses, by Michaelanglo. From a friend in the US.

 A "Naughty Little People" card, from Canada.

 A card from 1966, from US.

 Mayan pyramids, from a friend in the US.

 Great card, from US.

 Another one from a friend in the US.

 From Belgium.

 Flowers, from Germany.

Last, and my favorite in this post, a card from New Zealand.


Postcards, Sunday 10/22, part 2

 Panoramic view of old Goa, from India.

 Yoga cat, from Australia.

 A Jip and Janneke card, from US.

 My favorite in this post, From Russia.

 A vacation card of France, from Saint Pierre & Miquelon.

 From Germany.

 From Russia.

 From Germany.

 Cute puppy, from Belgium.

 The Pest, by Arnold Böcklin, from a friend in US.

 Mosaic Tabletop, from Russia.

 From China.

 Made by the sender, from Great Britain.

From China.

Postcards, Sunday, 10/22

 Los Milagros Aquedut, from Spain.

 Map card from US.

 Multiview card, from Germany.

 Multiview card, from Guernsey.

 From Switzerland. The sender didn't like this card, but I do!

 From a friend in the US.

 From Thailand.

 From Hong Kong.

 Another one from Hong Kong.

 From France.

 My favorite in this post. It's a thank you card from the Holocaust Stamps Project.

 Pony card, from Iceland.

 From Germany.

 Bicycle watercolor, from Germany.

Cake card, from Germany.

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