Postcards, Friday 9/15

 Shanghai, from China.

 Taitung County, Taiwan.

 From Germany, Walled City of Hong Kong.

 From China.

 From Russia, an Abbey in Israel.
 From Taiwan.

From Taiwan.

 Notre Dame, from Belarus.

 Bee on a flower, from Russia.

 Guinea Pig on a VW, from Russia.

 Clay bird whistle, from Belarus.

 From Netherlands, details from a painting.

 Favorite in this post. From Russia, Empress Catherine II.

 A family of raccoons, from Germany.

Lastly, a card from Germany. "You see me"


More postcards for Thursday, 8/24

 From Belarus.

 "Harlequin Reflections", from Ukraine.

 From a friend in the US.

 Beautiful tiles, from Portugal. Sent from Germany.  My fave in this bunch of cards.

 From Russia, symbols of that country.

 Nice art card, from Netherlands.

 From the Czech Republic.

 From China. The bottom section can be torn off....I guess to use as a bookmark.

 From United Arab Emirates. Nice image!

 From a friend in the US.

 From Belgium, Antwerp.

 Almost my fave, from the US. A tooled leather handbag, 1940s, from a purse museum.

 From Germany, art by Gerhard Richter, "Wald (3)"

 "Charing Cross Bridge" by Claude Monet. From the US.
"Standing Owl", from Taiwan.

Postcards, Thursday 8/24

 From Estonia.

 My favorite in this post. From Germany.

 From Germany.

 From Netherlands. The tower is replaced by a cookie.

 Card made by the sender, a student from Netherlands.

 Map/flag card from Germany.

 Multiview card from Japan.

 Easter card, from US.

 Nice plant card, from South Africa.

 Flag card, from South Africa.

 Wonderful Lantern Press card, from US.

 From Germany.

 Nice card from Lithuania.

 From Germany.

 Nice art card from Taiwan.

From Russia.


Postcards, more for Monday 8/21

 From Finland.

 A Postcrossing Meet-Up card, from Canada.

 Angry Birds card, from Finland.

 World map, from Taiwan.

 The Reaper from the Prague Astronomical Clock. From Czech Republic. My favorite in this post.

 "Spaniel", circa 1820. Artist unknown. From the US.

 From Poland.

 Another great card, almost the favorite. Downton Abbey cast members, from Netherlands.

 "Festival of Britain" furnishing fabric, 1951,  from Netherlands.

 From Germany. This card is also a decal!.

 From Poland, an Easter card.

 Beautiful porcelain design, from Taiwan.

 Museum in Berlin. From Germany.

 Natural History Museum, University of Utah. From US.

The Hall of Twenty Columns, from Russia.

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