Postcards, Monday 8/7, 3rd bunch of cards

Last group of the day!

 Kuala Lumpur, from Malaysia.

 Easter Greetings, from Finland.

 Nice sepia postcard, from Germany.

 Art card, from Japan.

 From Russia.

 From my sister in the US. A favorite in this post. This shows some of the 1,446 items that removed, in a 1929 surgery, from a woman's stomach.

 The Queen's Head, Yehliu. From Taiwan.

 "Rain" 2010, made of bronze & glass. From Ukraine.

 From Malaysia.

 Nice card from Belarus.

 "The Holy Family" by Agnolo Bronzino. From Russia.

 The card is from the Cairo Egyptian Museum, sent from France.

 "Street Vendors, Post au Prince, Haiti" by Loïs Mailou Jones. From the US.

 "End of the Trail" by James Earl Fraser. From the US.

Ocean City Museum, from the US.

Postcards, Monday 8/7, part 2

 From Czech Republic. It's a "Happy Easter" card.

 2 little sheep, from China.

 Burnley Wharf, Weaver's Triangle, from Great Britain.

 A dachshund, from Belarus.

 From a friend in the US.

 Another from a friend in the US.

 The Minnesota State Bird, from a friend in the US.

 The actual State Bird of Minnesota, from a friend in the US.

 From Czech Republic.

 From Finland.

 From Germany.

 An older card, from Sweden.

 My favorite in this post, from Lithuania.

 From Czech Republic.

Greetings in many languages, from the US.

Postcards, Monday 8/7

 From a friend in the US. My fave in this post. The figure on the far right looks like me.

Nationals Park, from US.

 From China.

 A Postcrossing Meet-up card, from Austria.

 From France. It's a funicular.

 Multiview card, from Germany.

Beautiful art card, from Germany.

 From China, a reprint of an old Heineken ad.

 Dubai, from United Arab Emirates.

 Cute card from Norway.

 Quote card, from Great Britain.

 Matryoshka dolls, from Russia.

 Letchworth Park, from US.

 Niagara Falls in Canada, from US.

Not sure what this says. Can anything translate this? From China.

They Pile Up

I've started a new job, and time has been used doing other things than adding to this blog. Shame on me.

I have a fat stack of postcards to add to my blog, so I will try my best to get them scanned and added to my blog by the end of the month.

I am alive.

I am fairly well.



Postcards, Sunday 4/30

I start a new job on Tuesday, so I better get caught up with posting these cards!

 A museum in Stockholm, from Germany.

 A wonderful Lantern Press card, from US.

 A few scenes, from Czech Republic.

 Watercolor painting card, from Russia.

 Watercolor from Taiwan.

 The Holy Trinity Cathedral, 1610. From Russia.

 Christchurch Cathedral, from New Zealand.

 My favorite in this post, from Czech Republic. Photograph by Alezandr Hackenschmied. "From a Trip to the USA 1936"

 Beautiful card, from Canada.

 Village on stilts in Philippines, from US.

 From the US.

 The Rockies, from US.

 Hirosaki, from Japan.

 From Belarus. Saint Nicholas' garrison temple.

From the US, a card about Martin Luther King, Jr.

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