I have way too much to do, and thus have not posted in a long time. 

I thought I'd get more feedback from my posts. Except for spam, I'd say I get a comment once every 10 months.  Even though this is mostly images of postcards, I'd think I'd get a comment more often.

So, I spend too much time scanning & posting, and it seems I only do it for me.

Is anyone reading this? Leave a comment.

And as for you spammers, FUCK YOU!!!


Postcards Saturday, 5/26

From the US.

 From Guam, "The Chocolate House".

 From the US, art by Shirana Shahbazi.

 Cat card from a series, from Netherlands.

 From Germany.

 Official Postcrossing card, from the US.....sent by a friend!

 Sunflowers, from Germany.

 Multiview card, from Lithuania.

 Dessert card, from US.

 Old redwoods card, from a friend in the US. Favorite in this post.

 From the US.

 From the US.

 Cute kitten card, from Japan.

 From Netherlands.

Nice nightime view, from Spain.

Help needed!!!

My counter that I used for the blog is gone. No idea when it disappeared. Trying to find a new one, one that's easy to setup.....want one that tells me where people are from, and one that trackes visitors. If you can help, please reply in the comments section after this post. Hopefully that still works!


Postcards, Friday 5/18, part 3

 Cute owls from France.

 From Finland.

 My favorite in this post, maybe even my favorite for the month. From Russia, "Her Best Friend", by Emilie Munier.

 From Russia.

 Another card from Russia.

 Easter card, from Czech Republic.

 Fancy knife, from Spain.

 From Finland.

 Beautiful card from Germany.

 A nice art card, from Belarus.

 From Belgium.

 From Finland, a sofa-bedsted, c. 1830.

 From a friend in the US.

 From Japan.

Hongcun, from China.

Postcards, part 2 Friday 5/18

 Map card from Spain.

 Train card, from Finland.

 A long card, from US.

 From Germany, a print of Heinsberg.

 Lenticualr eagle card, from Germany.

 Lizaed card, from a friend in the US.

 From Germany.

 Cat and rubber duckie, from US.

 From Russia.

 A Norman Rockwell print, from US.

 Favorite in this post, from Germany. Artwork by Henri J.F. Rouseau.

 From Ukraine.

 Map card from US.

 Some houses, from Italy.

Baby ducks, from Germany.

Postcards Friday 5/18

A bit behind....so what else is new? Will try to get some of these up today.

 Big Texas Longhorn, from a friend in the US.

 Lavender fields, from China.

 From Russia.

 A long card, from Slovakia.

 A card of Hong Kong, from Germany.

 From US.

 Hearts from Russia.

 Butterfly from Russia.

 "Court confectioner apprentice's jacket", from Russia. A favorite in this post.

 From Taiwan. Very colorful!

 Another butterfly, this one from France.

 From Netherlands.

 Pinocchio, from Germany.

 Russian map, from Russia.

Planets, from Finland.

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