Returning from the dead

I don't have the time right now to go into the whole moving experience yet, but I just wanted to check in with you all. We left North Hollywood on June 2, a Thursday. On Friday I called from the road to hook up our utilities, and found out it would take a day to get electric, a week to get cable (I can live with that) and 2 weeks to get a phone line. 2 frickin' weeks!!!!! The phone was to be up and running on Friday the 17th.....and at 7pm that day we still had a dead phone. I was close to having a breakdown. Brianna called earlier in the week to tell me my AOL mailbox was full, so I had her delete stuff. Today, after 5pm we finally got the phone working!!! I was happy as a crack whore swimming in a tub full of crack. I missed all my blog friends and all the blogs I read daily (hi Laurie!). I missed playing games at Pogo. I missed knitting news. I missed it all!!!

So now we are hooked up to the internets once again. And I am a happy camper.

Being in Rapid City is a big change from southern California. But it's a good change. No freeways around us, and you don't ever need to get on one to travel from one side of town to the other. At night I don't hear my neighbors banging shit around and toddlers screeching like howler monkeys. It's quiet here, and this old fart likes quiet at night.

The cats are happy too. Peedy sensed something was up, and the last few days in CA he wouldn't even go outside for a minute. So I got to travel with 3 cats in the Corolla. Peedy was going to be with Gary in the U-Haul, but it was too hot in there for him, and the truck wasn't a smooth ride. Peedy is a sissy. Polly and Beebs rode in the back, sharing a large cage. Polly would make noise for about the first 2 hours of each day, then was quiet. It wasn't as bad as I expected. In the hotels Peedy would hide, and Beebs would hide for awhile. But brave Polly would be out and exploring, making herself at home. She's a trooper!

More later. I will share photos when I have the time. Just wanted to let you know I'm alive and well, and will be posting as usual from now on!

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