word is out

well, my boss knows about the move now. told him on monday, and i was afraid he was going to die of shock. his eyes popped out of his head, and his mouth flew open. he'll give me a letter of recommendation at least, and if our plans fail, i may just have a job waiting for me. gary told his boss too, and he's surprised also.

if anyone knows how to add buttons to a blog, please let me know! i tried to put one on here for the Daily Knitter, but i don't think it worked. i want them to be on the right side, not at the bottom of the page!!! and i still need to know how to add a photo to a post, not as a post on it's own. no biggie if i can't do it, but it would be nice!

the multi-color item is an afghan, made with Red Heart Bright & Lofty.....color is snowcone. it feels nice, and the colors are good for a child. using size 15 needles, so this should go fast. of course i should be packing instead of knitting, but that's no fun!!

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