Blue Skies

And here we have the sky from early this afternoon. Hard to tell, but at noon it was 104. This photo was taken from the parking lot of Hancock Fabrics, where I managed to buy more yarn. Some of it was on sale 1/2 off......I couldn't help myself.

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By the way, it's almost 7 pm, and it's 107 now. Thankfully the a/c works well!

Gary went on a trip to Montana on Thursday, and should be home tonight. Hope so....last year he had to work on my birthday and we didn't get to do anything. Plans are tomorrow to go see "You, Me and Dupree". First movie theater experience for us since we moved here! Plan to have popcorn.....the candy will be sneaked in.

Mailed my last 2 boxes of blankets to Rebakah today for the Critter Drive. I lost count of how many I made, but it was over 2 dozen. It's nice adding some comfort to a homeless animal's life.


Heide said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARYN! Mine is the 18th. I'm glad that Gary is with you this year and I hope you both enjoy your date.

Cindy said...

Happy birthday. Don't spend too much of it outside or you'll melt. We hit 100 today and they say it's going to last all week. Oh joy.

Rebekah said...

Wow Karyn thank you so much I can't wait to see them.

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