Today we went to the SD DMV, and in under 1/2 hour we had our new licenses! They took my old CA one and shredded it, took $8 from me, and this is what I got:
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When we got there at 11 am I think 4 other people were there already being helped. We walked in the door, and got helped immediately. The only reason it took more than 7 minutes is because Gary had questions , and both of us were chatting friendly like with the DMV folks. All of them real nice and friendly, and they all spoke English!!! They give you the license soon as it pops out of the machine. Sure is a lot better than the CA system!!

And the other day Gary got his new plates and tags for his truck. As you can see, it only cost $74.75! In CA they wanted $400.

And he got the plates right there at the courthouse, no waiting a month for them to arrive in the mail. Amazing!! I still need to get plates for my car, but need Bri to get the paperwork to me first.


Brianna said...

The papers went out in the mail on Tuesday the 21st :)

SCarrGo said...

"Small state" livin' is the best...

I grew up in North Dakota, actually straight North of where you are, in fact. No people for miles and miles.

This translates into "no lines," "no noise" and all other kinds of praire goodness.

Welcome to the Midwest!

Sara said...

Wonder if I could talk hubby into moving. On second thought, this "raised-in-Florida" gal probably couldn't take the winters.

Normajean said...

Ive been trying to see how you are.
one of my sister in laws comes from North Dakota. You can sure tell how happy you are.. I'm glad you left california.

Rachel said...

So how are ya liking SoDak? Growing up in Ohio, I've found it a nice pleasant change from all the rudeness and rushing around back home...I haven't made it to the western side of the state yet, but maybe next year. You'll have to let me know how you like the winters!

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