No more California!!

Today I had a job interview in the morning. Went down there, and spent about 1 1/2 hours looking into the job and being interviewed. After I came home, Gary and I went to the courthouse and was finally able to get plates for my car!!!! Now we both have SD plates and licenses, and are officially residents. NO MORE CALIFORNIA!!!

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Then we went to the market, and my phone rang. It was the job people, offering me the job!!!! So after I go in for a drug test, and they do a background test, I'll hopefully have a job. I'll be positive about it by the end of next week, but it looks like I'll be employed soon. If all goes well, I start training on July 11th. So I'll be working by my birthday (July 16th, for anyone that cares). Dress code is fairly relaxed, so I won't have to be wearing suits or dresses or nylons. And the place is about 8 miles from here, and the road I take is a main road......so when we get snow, it'll be a plowed road.

A very exciting day!!! And now that I have a job, I can afford to do some shopping for my secret pal.


rayleen said...

Congratulations!!! I hate job hunting, it's so nerve wracking. You have to be what you think their idea of perfect is! ACK!

Sara said...

Congratulations!!! All knitters and crocheters must think the same: Payday=yarn. Bills can wait!

I'm job hunting right now and I know my #1 motivation is "must have money for yarn"

canoelady3 said...

I was raised in Rapic City, and recently spent time there, as we moved my Mother to assisted living.
I wish I was there everyday to visit MOM.

You sound like my kind of person! And, YES! I know, there are no knitting shops there. Bummer.

Where are you working now in RC?

YES< YES..paycheck +yarn.

JUne Hagen

Drop me a line. We are about the same age, I bet!

Grace said...

Hi Karyn,
Congratulations on the job, and the escape from SoCal! Someday I'll be brave enough to get the hell out of California...

I am serious about giving away the blue/green baby sweater! I would love for it to be used. Email me your mailing address at gmh_3@yahoo.com.


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