Quiet but Busy

I'm alive and well. Been keeping busy cranking out blankets and cat toys for the Critter Drive. Deadline is 7/15, so for the next 2 weeks I'll be knitting and crocheting for the kitties and doggies. She can use more, so if you have the time and yarn, please help out!

So much for my vow to not buy yarn. No photos to share, but I got some yarn this past weekend plus ordered more malabrigo on ebay. And besides making the critter blankies I'm also making squares for Drew's charity project, so I have yarn all over the house.

I have some opal sock yarn, and I plan to make a scarf....question:is this stuff suppose to be self-striping? It comes out blotchy. I even bought some size 2 needles (I'm insane!) thinking that may help. Nope, still blotchy. So if anyone can help, drop me a line!!

Off to knit more blankies!!


Rebekah said...

Thank you so m uch Karyn, I really appreciate the donation and the mention on your blog.

Cindy said...

I have never knit with Opal, but some of the colorways are supposed to be knit in stockinette (so I've read) because that way the pattern shows better. They have some that are Ladybug patterned, tiger patterned, you know, like that. I wonder if you have one of those? Can't wait to see your pics of your critter donations.

Heide said...

Hope the critter creations are going fast. I'm wanting to make stuff too, but right now I'm tied up with planning Girl Scout day camp. I also need to finish a sock kit bag for a swap I previously signed up for. Aaaack, no time for sleep, must make more coffee. Tell Gary hello and scratch the kitties.

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