Question about contests

Question: When you win a contest on a blog, how long is "fair" to wait to receive your prize?

I entered a contest in January, and have yet to receive my prize. I've been in touch with her several times about this, so the yarn wasn't lost in the mail. No major problems in her life either. I just sent her one last email about it, and if I don't get the yarn by next week I'm assuming she's a flake. Very sad, considering we were connected during a Secret Pal exchange. I've had more kindness from strangers than from this gal. And I've won another contest, and I got my prize yarn in about a week.

So please fill me in....how long would you expect to wait to receive a small prize (one skein of yarn)? Or am I expecting too much from contests in blogs??


Heide said...

OMG, I hope that I wasn't the one who flaked on you. I've had several contests and I'm a dingbat! Sorry if I did. On the other hand, if it isn't me then I'd let it go. IF the person is a flake you probably don't want to make him or her angry. You may open a can of worms that involves stalking. Yikes! All of the contests that I've entered have been legit so far, so don't give up on everybody in blogland. Happy Father's Day to Gary.

Cindy said...

I have no experience since I have never won. I'm no help whatsoever.

Bad Contest Person said...

I'm glad that you got the yarn and like the color etc, and I know I deserve the flaming for not getting it to you earlier. Believe me, I've learned my lesson and I'm not likely to repeat this any time soon.
Anyways, I hope this hasn't hurt our friendship. I still love reading your blog, even if I comment once every blue moon.

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