Bad Habit

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New yarn arrived a couple days ago! The blue is malabrigo, color is Tuscan Sky. Shades of light and pale blue. The other 4 skeins are Kimono Angora by Louisa Harding. The brown balls have shades of tan and brown, and the other balls are shades of pinks, grey and purples. All of these yarns are so soft!!

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Here is a close-up of the yarn my Fairy Knit Mother sent. You can see the colors better here. The other yarn is some acrylic I got to make a baby blanket for a friend of Brianna's. She had a baby last spring, and felt the need to make a blanket for her son. The yarn is Baby Clouds, by Red Heart. Mostly blue, with hints of green and lavender in it. I like acrylic for baby blankets.....easy to clean them!!

Gary's truck broke down in Oklahoma today, so he'll be delayed at least a day coming home. Poor guy! Good thing he took a couple books along with him. The whole day he was stuck at a truck stop, not even able to reach his boss by phone. The boss finally got the voicemails Gary sent, and hopefully first thing in the morning he'll get someone to fix the problem.

Yesterday I went to the city library and got my library card. Should have done this sooner! Found a couple books I know Gary will like, and one for myself. The library is open Saturdays till 6 pm, too. They have a lot more in it than I thought!!

Looks like we'll be going to Las Vegas in mid-May. We'll drive to Denver and fly from there. Brianna and family will drive to Vegas, and we'll all share a room to cut down expenses. So if any readers know of yarn stores in the Vegas area, let me know! Money for yarn will be in the budget.


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL YARN! How many other habits/hobbies feel and look so good as buying yarn? And it can always be made into something useful... this is a great comeback to significant others who might complain. Hope Gary gets home quickly and safely. Does your library system have lots of knitting books? Could be fun. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hello again,
My email account didn't like the attachments on the email you sent so it deleted them. Talk about rude, wouldn't you think that I'd at least get a chance to decide if I want to open them. Hmmph, I'd give that Comcast a piece of my mind, but I've so little of it to spare. Anyway, I didn't get to see what you sent:( Did Gary make it home? FKM

krazybarrister said...

ooh, such purty yarn! every gal's gotta have her vices!

Anonymous said...

Did Gary make it back safely? Between Monday and Wednesday I will be sending you another package. This one is for an early Valentine's Day. The reasons it will be sent then are... first, to get you in the spirit. Second In case you want to knit or crochet something for somebody (spoiler on the package). And lastly... because I have a very hectic couple of weeks coming up and time will be stretched thin. Anyway, I hope all is well back there in DeSmet and that you are finding lots of quality knitting time. Cheerio for now. Your FKM

Heide said...

Hello Karyn, Just sending a note to see how you are doing. Haven't heard a lot from you in blogland and I wanted to check in. Hopefully all is well and you are just too busy knitting or having other forms of fun. Take care, your FKM

Anonymous said...

Oh s@#$!
I am so sorry, disregard that last message. My oldest daughter asked me about homework about the time I was hitting Send. s@#$, d@^) and the big F@#$! Crap, on this note, I'm calling it a day and going to bed. Sigh

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to say "hey!" Hope all is well with you and your family. How is the weather back there? It's cold and windy out here in Washington. Enjoy your President's Day weekend.
your FKM

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