Brianna forced me to do this thing. So I joined bloglines....why? I guess it makes my stalking easier. I put a few on my list. If any of you reading this have blogs, feel free to add me to your list, or even mention me on your blog. Maybe I'll get more viewers then Bri has.

How did she get more than me? What can I do to make this more exciting?? I have coloring books and cats, she has scarfs and frozen root beer messes. You decide who has the most fun.

And I have been knitting, just not photographing it. Maybe that will be the weekend project.....taking photos. Working on a purple afghan for a friend's co-worker that just had a baby and a blue/green afghan for Bri's "DH" (ugh....hate those cutesie terms).

Feel free to leave some comments......anyone out there????


Brianna said...

A comment from your #1 fan...me!

I forced you...Ha! Admit, it's easier with bloglines.

The only reason I have more hits than you at the moment is b/c you were MIA for 2-3 weeks. I HAD to entertain them with my rootbeer mess. I'm sure you're going to pass me up in hits in no time. I'm not popular. Take more pictures. I personally don't read blogs unless there are pictures.

Brianna said...

Wait a minute here....how did you get the list of your blog subscriptions on your blog like that??? Mine didn't do that. Show me please.

laurie said...

I am here.

Just late to the party as usual!

rayleen said...

What's Bloglines?

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