Demanded by Bri

I made the mistake of telling Bri we have different kinds of hamburger helper here, so she forced me to take a photo of them.
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The aisle was empty until I got the camera ready for taking the shot, then I had some 25 year-old come my way. She had to stand there a few minutes looking for macaroni and cheese. Then when she went to the left, I snapped the pic. Of course she had to look around at us, wondering what was up. Let her wonder!!

Yesterday we took a nice drive around the Black Hills. I thought a lot of people would be out for a Sunday drive, but I was wrong! We just about had the road to ourselves 80% of the time. We drove up the scenic route to Deadwood and stopped at Cadillac Jack's for a couple hours. Should have known better than go go anywhere near a casino!!!

Still no word from my secret pal. Hope she's (or he's) okay!!! I will be sending my SP a little something in another week or 2. Need to get some pants for work, so while I'm shopping I'll see if I can find her some little goodies. Gary will be out working tomorrow (hope it becomes a real job!!) so it's a good time for me to be in a mall without him tugging at me to get out. Speaking of jobs, I need to call my job and make sure all turned out okay with the drug test and background check. I thought he would call on Friday, but I got no call.

Major depression if that job falls through!!!!!!!!

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Brianna said...

Gary got a job? You didn't tell me....

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