normal traffic on the 5

Went to Gary's yesterday evening. Traffic going there wasn't bad, but below is what I got to drive in on my way home this morning!
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They have nothing like this in Rapid City! I was trying to get a good shot, but my car is low, plus it's hard to snap pictures AND drive 15 mph at the same time!!

We had In-n-Out Burgers for dinner. They don't have those in RC, so I thought I'd better have one while I could.

Oh, when I was ready to leave here yesterday, the crazy biatch downstairs had some of her junk partly blocking the driveway!!! She saw me get in my car, saw me trying to back out, but didn't do anything about moving her pile of crap till I put the car in park, got out, and went to move it myself. IDIOT!!!!! Mr. Macho's truck is still in the drive, and her piece of crap Honda is still on the street, so I guess they still are downstairs. I hope they're out by the weekend. I wouldn't put it past her to throw a big loud lawn party as her last hurrah.

Knitting news: Had to restart the afghan for Bien. I must cast-on tight, because it was curling down at the ends (I'm sure that makes little sense). So since I only had done 6" or so, I just frogged it. Will see how it looks after a day of knitting and go from there. Tonight I'll be going to a SnB meeting at Priscilla's coffee shop....maybe I can learn how to knit in the round! I found the pattern I want to try for a purse, and it's done with circs. Also, I'd like to see someone make an I-cord. Guess I should pick up some dpn, too.

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Anonymous said...

So you finally moved out there huh? that's good! but...you'll move back....they all move back....just kidding. how the hell have you been Karyn. Did Ron have a cow because you left?
Anyway, hope all is going well.
Mario from ol' times at Flair cleaners.

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