Stitch n Bitch meeting

Bri and I went to Priscilla's tonight for a meeting with some of the gals from L.A. Stitch & Bitch. First one I've been to, so I was unsure how it would be. We both were afraid we'd be the only ones there with yarn! Walking up we could see in the window, and Bri first saw the gals sitting there knitting away.....we weren't alone! I'm bad with names, and can't remember them all, but I think it was Heather (sorry if I get your name wrong!) that showed me how to make an I-cord and how to knit in the round. Now I feel like I can tackle that booga bag! I went to Unwind before the meeting, and got some yarn to use for the purse. It's to be felted, so I wanted to be sure to get the right kind of yarn.

The other day we got Evelyn to pose wearing a hat I made. It's a bit big on her, but she's the cutest model we had.

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Now it's time to see if I can start that purse!!!

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Anonymous said...

Knitting is soo cool and is soo relaxing! I learned how to knit on a business trip to Michigan. Didn't know anybody so I asked this lady from work that also came along from CA to show me how to knit. I made 2 scarves but I haven't really told anyone because I was afraid people would laugh at me. If I had the time I would soooo knit stuff. I bought this "knitting kit" from Barnes & Noble and I can't wait to open it.

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