Blurry blurry sky

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A blurry sunset photo from last night. I almost forgot to take a photo at all. Not much in the way of clouds Saturday. I think some of that pink came from brush fires in the area.
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Here is a close up of the afghan I'm crocheting with the malabrigo yarn. I'm using 8 colors, with the mango (orange) inbetween. I've finished one repeat of the colors, and think after 3 total repeats I'll be donw. When it's 100 � outside it's a bit too heavy too work with, so I'm also working on a pet blanket and a couple of scarfs.
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Cindy said...

Oh Karyn, your afghan is beautiful. Your sky is pretty, too. We're getting the heat here too and I heard this evening that the weather folk expect it to hold until about the 10th. Oh joy.

Heide said...

We had some rain today and it was wonderful. Here's hoping you get the same. I love the afghan, it's going to feel so luxurious that people will want to lay naked beneath it! That being the case let's hope it's easy to clean. Cheers!

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