It Ain't Barney

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Not much in the way of clouds today. I was hoping for something exciting by sunset, but no luck. So I got a photo taken from our trip to get groceries.

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I figure if we have no thrilling clouds I can at least inject some humor.

Been knitting a scarf at work, and at home I've been working on the ripple afghan (only when it cooled down one day), a baby afghan and a scarf. I had Thursday off so I could run errands. Had to get new plates for the car and get my license with my new name on it.

Other exciting news.....been watching videos from Netflix. Gary had never seen "Newsradio", so we're working our way through the seasons. Also have some Penn & Teller to watch, and at the library today we got "I heart Huckabees" and Red Dwarf IV. At work I'm reading the trashy Janice Dickinson book "No Lifeguard on Duty", and at home I'm reading "Early Bird". Both are entertaining, and light on the brain.

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Heide said...

I love you, you love me, we're best friends like friends... AACK! Now that beastly song is stuck in my head. We were finally able to give away all of our Barney videos that past winter. And the ironic thing about that is that as much as they annoyed me, I'd prefer a singing, hyperactive dino to the crap my girls want to watch now. Sigh. Take care.

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