Here is our other cat, Beebs. She likes to sleep on magazines and papers that were once in CD cases.
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She's black, but when we brush her the hair in the brush looks grey. Our cat Polly is her daughter, but it seems impossible even tho Polly was born in our apartment (so I know for sure they are mom and daughter!)

Polly---chatters all the time

Beebs---never makes a sound except to purr

Polly---fur is 2" long

Beebs---fur is 1/2" long at best

Polly---weighs about 15 pounds

Beebs---weighs about 7 pounds

Polly---is a polydactyl (has extra toes)

Beebs---has an underbite, rare in cats


Sara said...

I can't resist cat pics. Both of yours sound like real sweeties.

rayleen said...

My cat, Zoe, has the same type of coloring as Beebs. She's a black kitty but with gray under-fur. If you look carefully, you can see tabby markings. :)

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