Sky and Scarf

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Saturday once again, and here's the sky from our local post office. We got a few sprinkles of rain.....not much else.
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And here's a close-up of a scarf I finished. It's made with a mohair blend.
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I also finished a baby/child afghan, but no photo of that. Today I started another hat for Gary. I'm using the striping grey yarn I got while in Vegas.

Couple days ago at work I got a call from a woman. By her voice I'd guess she was between 21 and 30. She had no account number, and without an account on my computer screen I can't transfer calls. She wanted another phone number to call, so i was going to give her the toll free one:

me: that's 800-555....

her: i need the area code

m: 800 is the area code

h:that's not a real area code. i need the area code!

m:800 IS a real area code

this went on for over a minute. she never did get the number to call. i gave up after the minute. i hope she tells the story to one of her friends and they enlighten her about 800 being a toll-free area code. another call that same day....this one outbound. i got a work # for a customer, in north or south carolina, and i got a recording in spanish ( this was for a big store, like a home depot) telling me 'for english press 2'. it's like english is already the second language!

The Sturgis Bike Rally is just about over. I'm tired of the clusters of bikes all over the roads. Most drive in packs of 3 to 10, and it can be a pain in the ass to get to and from work. They like to decide at intersections which way to go at the last minute & they also like to go below the speed limit. At least they don't split lanes like they do in Los Angeles, and most don't cut you off.


Cindy said...

As we say in construction....you can't fix stupid. I love your scarf. You've been very busy. Also, I really like your sky. It looks like fall may be coming in. We're only about 6 weeks away from cooler weather. Cannot wait!

Heide said...

Karyn, I love your scarf! Sounds like everybody is ready for a season change. Cyber hugs and happy knitting!

Swan said...

Well, she might have been outside the US. But in that case she could just have said that she can't call toll-free numbers from outside the country... Oh, well.

The scarf is nice!

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