more sinning

brianna forced me to go out with her today. well, we had lunch with becky so she could finally meet evelyn, then afterwards we hit a local yarn store Unwind ( http://www.unwindyarn.com/) to look for wool. i want to make evelyn some shorts and a tank top. found some lovely yarn made by Lorna's Laces "shepherd sport" which is superwash wool. a photo of it should be below this post. also got some other yarn....details later when i share photos! then we went to michael's to find some cotton yarn. i want to practice making the shorts and top before i start using the good stuff! what i plan on making can be found here http://www.birdcrossstitch.com/soakers/pattern/
looks simple enough for a novice like me! so i got some practice yarn, and the size 5 needles at michaels.

the crazy biatch downstairs has been making all kinds of noise today. she was slamming doors and throwing stuff around. landlord says they are moving out at the end of next month......too late to do me any good! that's when i'll be out of here. so the next month should be fun. i got old papers shredded today and thrown out. took out a bag of trash. i still need to box up some stuff....maybe i can do that while the hamburgers are cooking.

had some light rain (drizzle) today at times. the rest of the day was gloomy. nice for a change!!!

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Brianna said...

LOL..."forced" you go to out with me? Puhlez! :)

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