Here is the newest family member, Bri's son. I haven't met him yet, but I gotta assume he doesn't always look so unhappy!
So I am 50 today. I'm 4 years older than my dad when he died, and almost 2 years younger than my mom when she died. They seemed old to me then, but now I realize how young they were. I may have grey hairs, but at least my face is fairly wrinkle-free.

No big celebration. Had a day off work and just lazed around the house. I stubbed a little toe the other day, and now it's all black and blue....so now I'm trying to not walk much on it.

Knitting/crocheting news......made almost 3 dozen hats for the Dulaan project. Now I'm making afghans and hats for a charity group out of Colorado. They in turn pass them out to places that need them. So far I have 3 baby blankets done, and have another 3 I'm working on. I'm trying not to buy new yarn, but you know how that goes!

Vacation plans are in the works for next spring. Not sure if we'll be flying or driving, but it looks like we'll be going to San Francisco. Bri and the family will meet us there, and hopefully Becky can join us for at least 5 days.


Brianna said...

About time you posted on your blog. Its only been 7 months. Sheesh. Happy big 5-0 to you, you old fart! Now you're over the hill. But you're still young at heart. Can't wait for the Frisco vaca to see you guys. You'll finally see the little guy, even though he will be ONE by that time.

you need to update your tickers.

Brianna said...

You've been tagged!! Check out my post "Seven Things" on my blog. Time for you to start blogging again. You owe me at least that.

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