colonoscopy, or as i call it, shitapalooza

tomorrow morning i get to have my first colonoscopy. i've been looking online and in blogs for an idea of what it's like. found some stuff, but not all my questions were addressed.
i've been following my list of what to do and not do. says today only liquids and jello, nothing red or purple. everyone else in their blogs mentions only yellow jello, and i have blue, orange and green ready to eat, along w/ italian ices, blue raspberry, and popcicles. i have to start drinking the colyte at 4pm, and it's only noon now. it's already mixed up, in the fridge getting cold. i have crystal light lemonade, to add to it. i'll add it by the glass just in case that makes it worse.
i'm having the procedure done only because i turned 50 this summer. i'd rather have a day of discomfort than possibly die of undetected cancer.
gary is working today. he left as late as he could, so he'll miss the first few hours of me running to the bathroom. his job as a truck driver takes him into wyoming, so he'll be gone about 8 hours. by the time he gets home, around 7-8 pm, i should have the 'bathroom routine' down. i'm just hoping by nightfall the worst will be over, and i'll be able to sleep.
i'm having the prcedure done at 7 am. we have to be at the hospital at 6am to check in. i hope to be home by 10 or 11. i wanted it to be early as possible so i wouldn't have time to dwell on it. gary is coming along to drive me home.
i'll be updating throughout part of today, then update afterwards with what i recall.

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