Shitapalooza, 4pm

i get to take my first swig of the colyte in a minute. figured i'd have this up and ready to document it. earlier i took a cup and measured how much 8 ounces of water is. and it didnt seem like much.
i've had a couple servings of jello today, and coffee. kinda hungry, but not too bad. still, everything sounds good.
here goes with the colyte....not as foul as i thought, but this was the first cup. i just downed it all at once. i may take a bit longer with the next glass. kinda salty taste, and seems a bit thicker than water. i've heard using mouthwash afterwards helps get the taste out of your mouth, so i'm gonna do that now.
listerine helped. i think the first hour or 2 won't be so bad, but it's gonna get hard to down the second half of that gallon jug. next shot of colyte will be with some crystal light. want to see if that helps any.
and to make matter worse, my period is due at any moment. that's all i need right now!

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