Secret Pal news

Only have emails from the one to spoil me (so far). Feel a bit neglected, but that could be PMS (or DMS) talking. I've sent one package to the one I'm to spoil so far. I've been trying to look for goodies to send along with yarn, and can't find much. Today we went out to Wal-Mart to get a few things, and I couldn't even find anything there! Of course, when you are in a store with a man, they only want to get OUT of the store, so I didn't get to look at much. I need to escape to the mall by myself and look for some goodies. Gotta have some things so she/he get more than 2 mailings from me!
I notice when I post from Photobucket the date doesn't show up. Maybe I should date those myself.

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Brianna said...

Shopping trips ALWAYS are shorter when you have a man present with you. I've already learned that one. Gotta go to Michaels solo. Book store - solo. I'm tired of hearing "hur-ry".

If you post more than once in a day, the date will only show up once. That's why the date will not show up. It's not photobucket.

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