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Firt off, a big thank you to Leah for sending such a wonderful treat! She sent me some tea, a bag with chocolates, some notecards and 3 cute stitch markers. These are my first fancy markers....I love them!!! Thank you bunches, Leah!!!

This week I mailed a package to my secret pal. Hope she likes the goodies!! I'm still waiting to hear from my Secret Pal. I'm starting to feel unwanted. We're half way through this SP5, and except for a couple emails, I've received nada. *sniff*

Also this week I got a cute toddlers sweater from Grace. I forgot to take a photo of it before I shipped it off to Brianna, but trust me when I say it's adorable and beautifully knitted. Evelyn is going to be adorable in it. Thanks Grace!!! You can see the cute sweater on her blog.

The cable/phone bill came today. $145!!!! That does include 1 1/2 months of service, plus the $50 installation fees, plus $25 taxes and fees.....I about died of heart failure when I saw the amount due. No more yarn shopping for me for awhile....and here I ws lusting after some stuff I found online. Y'all can take pity on me and do my shopping for me. I love surprises...well, I should say I love good surprises!! In case anyone wonders (hi Bri!) my wishlist is under my email address nin57kfd@aol.com.

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