New job

The new job started today! Seems like we have so much stuff to learn!! I kinda feel like I'll never know it all, and will fail miserably....then I'm off to working at a McDonalds for the rest of my life. But I really want to make it...the benfits are good, plus we get paid sick days and personal days....a first in my life!! Last time I was sick I had to get an advance on my vacation pay so I could pay bills. It sucked....and it's not like we got raises every year either. 10 of us are in the class, and I wonder how many of us will last the full 3 weeks.

I'm trying to figure of a pattern for a lacey design, and it all turns out fine till row 9. I've tried it twice, and once I had one too many stitches, and I think the 2nd time I was short a stitch. If anyone else wants to try it and tell me if it works for them, let me know. I'm gonna shower then try it once more. If it doesn't work out, back to making a hat!!!

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Anonymous said...

dear sir
i want to find some informations about the quality of your employee
i am looking forwadto hearing from you

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