booga yarn

This is a yucky photo of the Cascade 22 yarn I got for making the booga bag.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's a nice denim blue. The shop (Unwind) had plenty of Cascade in lovely colors, but I don't want a pink purse! Since I'm making that blanket, Bien's blanket, and 2 tops for Evelyn, I won't be starting the booga bag till we are in South Dakota. I need to at least finish those tops first! And it takes awhile to finish stuff because I either spend way too much time reading blogs or I knit a hat for a quick diversion.


erica said...

Karyn, I sent you an email and it bounced back. It was the reply to your email that you sent me. Just to let you know, you've been approved for the MWK blog ring. Welcome. :)

Not sure what to do about the email deal.

I hope you're coping without your kitty. I feel really bad about that.

Tina said...

From what I understand it's real. A friend sent the link to me and I thought it wqas hilarious.

I feel bad about not posting more, but I have a sloooow unternet connection right now, but I move in about a month, and I will update more and have pictures(!).


Susan said...


You left a comment on my blog asking a question about the Baby Surprise sweater that I have recently completed.

I think it is pretty easy. It just looks really funky while you are knitting it. You can find the pattern in a variety of places:

There are 4 ways you can get the pattern:

It was originally published in "Knitting Workshop" by Elizabeth Zimmermann but you can also order the pattern separately through School House Press if you are interested in ordering the pattern! 1-800-YOU-KNIT (Special Spun-Out pattern #1B, $3).

It is also in Knitters issue 56.

I see that it is in the just released book, "The Opinionated Knitter" Elizabeth Zimmerman

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