Baby blanket

Got this one started yesterday after going to the vet with Muffy (R.I.P.). Saw the pattern on another blog, then went to LionBrand's site for the pattern. Very simple to follow so far. I'm still doing the increase part. Will see how it goes when it's time to decrease! And I guess since it's a big square, you can make it any number of stitches wide! I have 3 skeins of this yarn (TLC Baby), so I'll knit about half-way thru the 2nd skein before I start decreasing.
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Went by my old place of employment this morning so I could pick up my last check. Was expecting a week pay plus about 2 days of vacation, but I got a week pay plus a full week of vacation pay!!!! Thank you Flair Cleaners!!! So I went to the bank to deposit it, then went to Whole Foods to get some "Rescue Remedy" drops for the cats. They were recommended by the vet and a friend. Will try them out on Monday to see how well they work!

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Brianna said...

Ya on the extra vacation pay!!

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