Friday August 5

from the netherlands, for trey.

 from germany. it's to one of my accounts, but will be sending it to evelyn since it's a great elephant card!

 map card for evelyn from the USA

 from my friend back east. love the emeralds!

 fro, northern netherlands.
 art card from poland. i believe the card says the artist is z. vertelj.

 the flag of turkey. i love the art on this one!

 from the USA.

 card came from someone living in the netherlands, but she got the card in greece. says it's "the dolphin fresco from the queen's megaron".

 from finland. "moi" means hello.

 a frog card from canada for trey.

 this is the first card i got for vivian, who isn't born yet. the sender is a 7 year old boy, and he thought it was cool to send a card to someone not yet born!

from china.had a couple nice stamps on it, too.

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