Seems like a Monday

Just wanted to touch base here. This won't be long.

Stumbled upon a wonderfully funny blog, The QC Report. The link is over on the side, check into it. No photos, but some of the funniest stuff I've read. Simply wonderful!!

Another amusing thing I came upon is this squirrel. Foul language aplenty, but funny and true.

I'm not gonna rant and rave about who's to blame for Katrina and the mess from it, and I wish the peanut gallery would quiet down. If you're that incensed about the horrors of our government, get off your ass and do something about it.

Our mailman is to leave packages at the office here if we aren't home, and of course today I got the cursed pink slip in the mailbox, letting me know I can get my package at the p.o. My educated guess is the regular mailman is on vacation, and the temp is "just doing his job" . And I have at least 4 things coming my way this week. I may just wait till the weekend to get it all at once.....except for the package from Brianna. CASHMERE!!!

Other knitting news: I was able to splice together the green Pastaza yarn when I ran out of one skein, and was ready to join the 2nd to it! No knots!! No ends to weave in. Looks great, and you can't even tell where the splicing happened. So Gary's scarf is over half-way done.

Photos tomorrow or Thursday.

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Brianna said...

You should put links to your wishlists. Either on this post (hyperlink 'em) or on the sidebar. Just a thought :)

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