Work space and yarn

Just because someone loves seeing desks and stuff on blogs, I snuck a camera into work and took some photos of my cubicle.
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This is what I have to the right of me: a few photos, lotion and some of my Pez dispensers.

Here is my computer at work.
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Monkey stands guard over his domain.

And this is to the left of me.
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Lip gloss, tiny slinky, candy, coffee cup and pens. Remember, I've only been at my cube a month or so.....more junk will appear before long!

In the world of yarn, these 2 yarns came to live with me on Saturday:
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A lovely soft yarn by Cascade "Indulgence". It's a bit redder than the photo shows, and is wonderful! I think the two will be enough for a scarf.

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And also from Cascade,"Pastaza", which is llama and wool. Very soft, and great for hats and scarves. I got three skeins so I could make a matching hat and scarf. Ordered them from Littleknits and got them lightning fast!

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Been knitting! Here is a scarf I started, using Sock Memories from Knit Picks. The colorway is Hawaii. I'm using a simple lace-like stitch for the ends, and stockinette for the main portion.

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And here is a scarf I'm making for Gary. It's using some Pastaza yarn in a forest green color, and knits up fast. Right now I have about 30" done.

And hopefully I will be able to blog more during the week now.

Secret Pal 6 should be starting soon!!! Had much fun with SP5, so I'm looking forward to this one.


Sara said...

The yarn looks so yummy! And your work space has personality!

Brianna said...

I see pictures of me at your cubicle! I see the one of me and you at Flair and I see our first family photo :)

Now that I actually have a cubicle at work, I need to add some personality to it too.

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