Sunday June 5

 this came from the netherlands. the cat is 'dikkie dik', and is seen on their version of sesame street.

 nice reprint of an old card of reno.

 this card is from italy, from the 'museo della marineria'.

 got this in a trade on swap-bot. it's from a woodblock print by katsushika hokusai, "two carp". very nice!

 nice drawing of a parrot. it's from the national trust.org.uk, and says is a 17th century drawing. no credit to the artist.

"mice at dinner", charles altamont doyle.

 this one came from germany. in another 30 years people won't know how a typewriter works!

 this card was made by the sender, fawn. i love the crochet element on the card!

 a monastery in hungary,

 a map card from portugal.

 four seasons in the netherlands.

a teddy bear from germany.

"their master's voice", by michael sowa. cute!
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