Alone on Sunday

Gary had to leave for MN today.....he'll be back on Tuesday. So I thought I'd spend a couple hours getting some photos on here to share. My computer is about 6 years old, so these things take time!
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Here is a shot of my chenille yarn project. I was knitting an afghan, didn't like how it was turning out so it got frogged last night. Decided to go with crocheting, using my tried and true shell stitch. The yarn is thin, so I'm using 2 colors together.

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Then yesterday we were at Target, and I found this purse in the dollar bin. Purse is made of an ugly burlap-type material, and is kinda small. Maybe a good size for a 7 year-old girl. But the handles are what got my attention! I've been wanting to make a purse, but can't see spending $5-20 for handles. This was perfect!! So, if you're looking for cheap purse handles check your local Target store!

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And here is a photo of the afghan, using malabrigo, that I'm making for Gary. I think it's about 1/3 of the way done.....maybe closing in on the half way mark. I'm going to collect this yarn in different colors to make a striped afghan one of these years.

After spending so much in Vegas on yarn, I've decided to not but more till I've gotten a few projects done. I have 3 afghans in progress, and I have a scarf I'm working on at work. Plus Drew needs more squares for the charity he helps out, so periodically I'll get out the red heart and make a half-dozen squares. Check out his blog if you could also make some 12" granny squares!

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Heide said...

Holy cow woman, you are just the blogging queen lately. I've only been away from my computer for two days and there are three posts for you! The afghan is beautiful and it looks very soft. The yarn from your trip has me licking my monitor... okay, so wanting to lick my monitor. Happy knitting!

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