no witty title

I should start finding some sort of witty titles for my posts, but after it taking me an hour to crop pics and put them in photobucket, I'm already worn out.

Here is a photo we took in Spearfish Canyon. Must have been about a month ago now. The fog was coming in over the hills, and the leaves were beautiful.
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This was taken 2 weekends ago, in downtown Rapid City. They have bronze figures at various intersections, and this one is Ronald Reagan. The wind was blowing a bit that day! Gary's cap blew off, so he stuck the hat in his pocket for the rest of our walk.
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And this is me, about 3 weeks ago when we went up to Mount Rushmore. I have a "thing" about taking photos in shops with trying on weird hats. This is a buffalo hat, though it's hard to tell at that angle.
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And we all know the camera adds 50 pounds!!

I have been busy knitting. Also did some crocheting. Crocheted a hat and scarf set for charity, and just finished a hat for me. I want to now attach a 'scarf' to my hat, so when it's cold and windy I'll have the scarf to keep my neck and ears warm. Not sure if this will work or not. Basically, I want to first figure out where the 'scarf' shoud start over the ears, then somehow graft it onto the hat(I'll start from the hat and work to end of straps) making it long enough to go around my neck once from each side. Not sure if this sense of not, but if you look at the above picture, then imagine a 4" wide piece of knitting coming from above the ears, you get the idea. Kinda like earflaps, but longer. If I make it, I have a feeling this will be so ugly that only I would be caught wearing it!

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