Hello Again!

Sorry for being such a lazy blogger. I want to post some photos, but if I wait to do that it'll be weeks before I post anything.
First of all, thanks to my secret pal for the gift certificate to Knit Pixie, the fluffy yarn, and the needle cozy (for want of a better term). I will be taking a photo of the yarn and cozy!
Knitting and crocheting news: Got my cashmere scarf done, and it seems just in time for the cooler weather! Also, found a local group that helps boxers (the dogs, not guys in the ring) and they'll take blankets I make for them. You can find local groups in your area that need help by looking up Hugs for Homeless Animals.
At work I got put on a new team at the beginning of November, and so far it's been good. I feel like I get more support and leadership from the new manager.
Back to the lab in the morning for another blood test. Had one last Wednesday, and my arm is still black and blue from it! Then 2 days later I go to see my doctor and discuss the test results. We're still working on lowering my blood pressure among other things. I like this doctor much more than the crazy system Kaiser has going for them!

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