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Please feel free to add yourself to my Frappr. I'd love to see photos on it too, so PLEASE take the extra minute to add one.

Thought I'd share a lovely local spot with you today. This is on Mt Rushmore Road (Blvd.?) , and is a pile of old lawnmowers. It's an amusing sight, and should be worthy of another photo once we get some snow that lasts more than an afternoon!


Loobell said...

HI..........are you in Rapid city? I'm in Winner SD and have been looking for someone who blogs in SD. I have no blog, but love to read them....well....clickty click...back to my knitting (got bamboo needles for Christmas)

Karyn said...

Send me your email address! I tried to reply, but you didn't use your email addy.

Enjoy the bamboo!!!

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