Polly and the Pumpkin

This should have been posted on Halloween. We tried to get a shot of Beebs (the black cat) with the pumpkin, but she said no.

From the tests the doctor took, it turns out I have type 2 diabetes. So now I'm on all kinds of medication, which will be tweaked till things improve. I still need to take a class to learn all about it. One medicine I take "can" cause diarrhea....And like clockwork I seem to get it most nights around 1am. I have some Imodium AD that I've been taking some nights. After the class (early December) I'll know more about diet, and what I shouldn't be eating. The only veggies I like are carrots and potatoes, so this should be fun! If anyone else has type 2 diabetes. let me know! I could use some help and guidance.

Yesterday we went to Walmart to stock up on supplies, and I pick the best check-out line every time. They had about 70% of the lines open, and most had at least 3 people in them, with carts chock full of groceries. So I saw a line with just one gal, with only about 15 items left to ring up. Unload our cart (about 20 items total) and start writing the check. Then stand there while the clerk has some manager come over, question the gal about the apples she bought.....and of course the apples are at the bottom of the cart. She digs them out, manager and clerk get ready to do a void.......but no!!!! Can't do it for some unknown reason (my guess? it's cause I was next in line) and the manager has to re-ring every item on her 4 foot long receipt. EVERY FUCKING ITEM, BY HAND. And every item has a code that's at least 8 digits long. I swear we stood in line longer than it look us to do the shopping. Gal, after this 20 minute ordeal, ended up getting the bag of apples for free, as a way of the store saying 'sorry for the delay'. And I who had to wait 20 minutes got jack shit as a thanks. The manager didn't even bother to say sorry to me for the hold up. I really want to know why the couldn't have taken the gal to customer service, give her the cost of the apples back, and let it go. IDIOTS!!!! The clerk and manager were both tied up with one customer for 20 minutes.....if they had done it another way, the clerk could have easily helped 5 customers. Penny wise, pound foolish!!!

I'm getting cranky again, so I better put the blog away before someone gets hurt. Either it's PMS, or the medicine.....or just plain old me, but I've been a bit down the last few days. Time for a pity party!

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