on being tardy

so sorry for not sharing anything on the blog lately. reason? lazy-ass-itis.

gary was gone on a run to colorado this week. took 2 nights, and he was tired when he got home. he got home thursday afternoon, and was still napping when i got home from work at 7:30! i don't mind if he's gone once, maybe twice a month, but i don't want this to turn into a weekly deal, especially with snow coming in the near future.

made an appointment with a local doctor. my blood pressure is high again, even with the pills i've been taking. so i gotta see what the heck is wrong with me.....well, besides being overweight and being a couch potato. i keep telling gary we need to walk after dinner, but that would cut into tv time. he went to the store today while i was at work and got us lettuce and stuff for salads, plus a can of carrots for me! we need to put more veggies into the diet (besides potatoes), and all i like are carrots. but tonight with the terriaki beef and rice i actually had a small salad, and not so much beef.

went to get ice cream at the local shop, and i decided since we were gonna just run in, get mint chocolate chip blended for us, and run back in time for 'the red green show' to just wear my santa flannel pj bottoms, a t-shirt (no bra) and my sweatshirt hoodie. no problem.....hell, i don't know anyone around here! so we go in, stand in line for 5 minutes, then place our order, when i hear "karyn?".....and who is sitting in the corner with 2 friends but one of my teachers from work! so of course i explain to her that people in california dress in flannel pjs when they go out...that this is normal to me. i had to point out my goofy pants before she starting wondering what the deal was with my funky pants. katie is funny, fairly cool, and she knows me as being a bit "off" anyway, so i don't think it frightened her too much. did some talking about a pest at work, and it seems my opinion of pest is shared with others.

been knitting, just no photos tonight. just wanted to let anyone that reads my blog to know i'm still alive and fairly well....we'll find out how well in a couple weeks!

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~drew emborsky~ said...

My sister took our brother to work one morning in hair rollers the size of coffee cans, coke bottle glasses, a fuzzy yellow bathrobe and matching slippers and got stopped by a cop who made her get out of the car. She was mortified but gave the cop a good laugh. He thought it was a costume. LOL

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