Postcards, Monday 2/3

This year I'm having a theme each month. That is, I'm asking people to send me cards from that month's theme. For January, it was people. Have received some nice cards!!

 Nice card from France.

 My favorite today, Princess Olga. From Russia.

 Elephant and soccer ball, from Ukraine.

 From Ukraine, some views of Lviv.

 From Germany. Madonna, photograph by Herb Ritts.

 Nice card from Russia.

 I had to look this up on Google to see which way is up! From US, a Kandinsky card.
 Cute fuzzy horse, from Netherlands.

 A not-so-fuzzy horse, from Germany.

 3-D card, from Germany.

 From Belarus, view from a hillside.

 A long pretty holiday card, from Russia.

 From Belarus.

 Pretty cat, from Finland.

 From Russia, an old style card.

 Nice owls, from Poland. Very colorful!

 From Finland. Looks like a bicycle built for 2.

From Taiwan, a nice card.

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