Postcards Sunday 2/23

We are VERY behind!! May have to start posting more often! My only excuse is I've been busy working. 10 hour days can take their toll on me.

 A beautiful image from Washington, from the US.

 "Sei Gatto Ristorante II", from Japan.

 Christmas design, from Delgium.

 From India, a card from Bannerghatta National Park.

 Cute seal from Canada.

 Puppies going for a ride, from Netherlands.

 Multiview card from Austria.

 Yummy chocolate duck card, from Germany.

 Cartoon card from Finland.

 From Russia. "Harvest", by Anna Sosenskaya.

 From the US, a nice view of Colorado.

 From Russia, Church of the Intercession at Fili. Pretty building!

And today's favorite, mailboxes from Germany.

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