Postcards Wednesday 9/11

 A Route 66 card from Germany.

 Serene views from Finland.

 Pretty flower from Germany.

 Foods from Spain.

 Very nice bicycle card, from Netherlands. This would make a great jigsaw puzzle!

 From Germany, a view from a small town.

 A favorite today, from Ukraine. Artist is Ernst Haeckel. Title is "Kunstformen der Natur."

 From Germany, Salztorhaus.

 From Brazil, Rua da Aurora, Recife.
 Fun card from Germany, find the cat without a twin!

 From Spain, Altar of Senhor do Bonfim's Church.

 Some tops, from Taiwan.

 1922 Newspaper advertisements, from US.

A multi-view card from Poland.

1 comment:

Randine said...

My favorite is the German twin cats. Graphically pleasing.

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