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Would be nice if this was a card, but it's not. I get it, some people can't afford to buy cards, so they make their own, or use cards. This was a fold-out letter, telling me about the aquarium in Taiwan. Fine, no problem. THEN I looked at the sender's profile, and this is what it said:

Thanks for reading my profile! I collect only BLANK CARD, please don't write anything on the back of the postcard and in envelope please. And I hope you can follow these steps, you can just do your best:) If you don't have an envelope or you don't like this way, please just sent the card written and stamped:)
These are some steps if you are a considerate person that always sent people postcards through their preferences. Thanks a lot:)
The most important thing is if you would like to sent me an extra postcard or other things, please printed your address to me:)(Sometimes it is no so clearly for me to see if by written), will sent you back as possible from your preferences!
1.Prepare an envelope and affix stamps.
*Please don't have to find good envelope or decorate it, and please if possible affix me as possible nice stamps, Because I will make them into used stamps.
2.Write my address.
*Please do not put the postcard first!
3.Chose me a card :)
*Please notice, I only collect postcard blank! Please do not write on the postcard, even ID!
4.My preferences: I most like long card! But not big or square!
①Maxi cards. (This is the one from post office which the postcard has the same stamp on it)
③Mountain view. (Especially volcanoes)
④National Parks.
⑤City views. (Night view or with famous site is better)
⑥Beautiful painting. (Please do not oil or abstract painting)
⑦People. (Rulers or important people in history)
⑧UNESCO or history relics (Especially if you are in RARE counties)
⑨Building. (Castle or old building so on)
⑩Others like nature, animal(Please no apes)...
Special preferences of specific countries:
①India: Taj Mahal.
②Belarus: 'Fauna of Belarus' postcards.
③Singapore: Merlion.
④Malaysia: 'Sha-Shin' or 'Yacine' postcards.
⑤USA: 'Impact' postcards.
⑥Brazil: Cristo Redentor.
5.Use a paper to write down ID and or you have something want to share with me :) And please put in front of the postcard, so can protect the postcard.
6.Do you own a pet? I would be very glad if can get a photo of him or her!
7.I really hope you can also sent me these following things:
①Coins and Banknotes.
④Any kind of tickets.
⑤Little souvenirs.
⑥Used stamps.
⑦Tourist Maps.
PS:It would be nice if you want to exchange with me if you also collect these things!
8.If you like my wall's postcards,I always interest in swap.
This is my address: Please don't use it to do bad things!
Shang-Hong Jain / No.2 Sec.1 / Dongshan Rd. / Beitun Dist. / Taichung City 406 / TAIWAN
♬ 我好想你 http://youtu.be/Zs8TRQ4PTYk
♬ 再遇見 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PSvDdL2BPs
♬ 你在煩惱什麼 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3TmzrEDuJ8
♬ 近未來 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6qKJjSeIo4
If you also like music, this maybe you are interest!
I will be really really appreciate when I got your mail.
Have a Nice Day!

So, am I wrong to be upset that he sent what he did??? I sent him a message, letting him know it was wrong for him to make demands on others but not send a proper postcard out.

Let me know your opinions!!

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Randine said...

ohmygosh - why didn't she just tack on her Christmas wish list too along with all her favorite foods?

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