busy friday!

Been a busy and long day! Was at Gary's last night and had to be up before 5am so I could be home by 6....Bri was having my car serviced today. I took a short nap once she got here, then we went out shopping. Got "Stitch N Bitch" at the bookstore! Probably won't do much with the book till after we move. I had to force myself to not get the Eric Idle book, or the Knitting For Dummies book. Then we went to the mall and looked around. Walked by a small store, and saw this cute I Love Lucy big purse in the window. I figured it had to cost around $150, so after looking at it for awhile I walked away. Then we walked around the mall, getting cookies for a snack and Bri got some sprays from Bath & Body Works. On our way out of the mall we went by the purse again....which is a big one, perfect for toting around yarn and needles and/or hooks. Bri went inside to find out how much it was....we were just curious....and came out to tell me it was $30!! I thought she must have heard wrong, so I went in myself to see. Yup. $29.95!!!! So I had to get it. The inside has the I Love Lucy heart logo on the lining, and the zipper pulls are also the heart logo. Just too cute to leave behind.

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