Postcards, Thursday 4/6, Part 3

Final batch for the day! Still have about 40 postcards to scan, but that can wait a day or two.

 Gatorland, Florida card, from a friend in the US.

 Beautiful view from Norway. A favorite in this post.

 Road signs, from Finland.

 Amish buggy, from US.

 From my sister in the US. I googled this motel, and it's still in business! The address is 1615 N. Western Avenue, Hollywood, CA.

 Feet, from Germany.

 Beach scene, from Belgium.

 Milano, from Germany.

 Shurijo Castle Park, from Japan.

 From Germany, a bonfire in Kyoto.

 Movie card from a friend in US.

 Nice map card of Florida, from US.

 Wonderful map card with flowers, from Japan. The handwriting on this card from the sender is beautiful! It almost looks like it was typed using a special font.

 From Spain. "Máquina de extracción del Pozo, 'Mosquitera', 1943"

From Finland.

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