Postcards, Wednesday 4/12

 1964 Chevy Impala, from New Zealand. Car belongs to the sender.

 My March theme was Paradise, and I think this was the only Adam & Eve card I got. From Austria.

 Cute sleeping bunny, from Japan.

 Nice painting card, from Turkey.

 Museum card, from Germany. Museum is my theme for April.

 My favorite in this post. From Japan.

 Schleswig-Holstein, from Germany.

 Nice painting card, from Netherlands.

 Sonov-Church of St. Margaret. From Czech Republic.

 A Jessica Rose card, from Finland.

 From Taiwan. Looks like an alien to me!

 Garden card, from the US.

 Beaver, Utah, from my sister in the US.

 A cgurch in Great Britain, from Netherlands.

The Hassayampa Inn, in Prescott Arizona. From a friend in the US.

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