Postcards Monday 10/22

Been sick with the flu since Saturday. Sunday I felt almost human, then this morning I got round 2! Hopefully my temp goes down and my stomach settles down so I can make it to work tomorrow!

 Cute winter cartoon from Netherlands.

 Candy from Hong Kong.

 Cute animal face, from China.

Cute animal card from US. Comes from the mayor of a small town in Wisconsin!

 From Netherlands, nice windmill card.

 Can't really tell here, but this is a long card. From Belarus, Museum of Repin.

 Cute card from Germany, with a drawing on the back from the young sender. Thank you!

 From Russia, a cat and mouse playing together.

 Donald Duck, from Russia.

 Wonderful squirrel card, from Netherlands.

 Animal card, from Finland.

 From Russia, Sudak, Genoese Fortress.

From Germany, a multiview card.

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